Show Rules

1. The GBHS Shows will, in the main, follow the rules, definitions and recommendations of those societies to which it is affiliated and those of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.

2. All shows will be open to any exhibitor, except where stated.

3. All exhibitors are required to complete an entry form provided at the back of the schedule, via the website, e mail or by telephone. Entries will be accepted at the door within the stipulated staging times for the Spring Show. Summer Show entry forms should be received no later than 9pm on July 11th and those for the Autumn Show no later than 2pm on Friday 20th September. Late entries will be accepted at the Show Secretary’s discretion.

4. All produce exhibited must have been grown by the exhibitor for at least two months before the show unless raised from seed in less time (Floral Art Classes excepted). The Committee reserves the right to inspect exhibitors’ gardens.

5. No exhibitor may submit more than one entry in any of the classes.

6. Exhibitors must find their own plates/receptacles. Pot size where quoted refers to the internal diameter measured at the rim, or the internal length of the longest side of a rectangular pot. The Committee are not responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits. All articles are left at the sole risk of their respective owners.

7. No persons other than judges and persons authorised by the Show Secretary shall be present during judging.

8. The prizes specified in the schedule may be withheld or augmented at the discretion of the judges according to the number of entries or the quality of the exhibits. Points are awarded as follows:-

1st – 4; 2nd – 3; 3rd – 2; Highly Commended – 1.

9. In the event of a tie for an award, where applicable, the exhibitor gaining the most firsts will be adjudged the winner.

10. Prize money is awarded for first, second and third places in each class.

11. The committee reserves the right to substitute prizes with vouchers or in kind of no less value than the award.

12. No exhibits are to be removed before prizes are presented.

13. No protest by an exhibitor against any award made by the judges will be considered unless handed in writing to the Chairman by 8:30 pm at the Spring Show, or 3:30 pm at other shows. The Chairman shall call the Show Secretary and one other Committee member to deal with the protest and their decision shall be final.

14. Cups to be held for one year and to be cleaned and returned to the Show Secretary TWO WEEKS before the next show.

15. Novice classes are open to any exhibitor who has not won a first prize in the section they wish to enter. This applies to the narcissi and chrysanthemum sections. Novice floral art classes are open to any exhibitor who has yet to be awarded a first prize. If during the year an exhibitor is awarded a first prize, he or she may continue to enter as a novice for the remainder of that year in order to be considered for the award of the Welsh Cup.

16. Where possible please name exhibits; apart from providing interest it also helps the judges.

17. The judges reserve the right to cut fruit and vegetable exhibits where this will help them reach a decision.

18. The Society Officials reserve the right to move exhibits to make room for other exhibits and every endeavour will be made to inform the exhibitors of the change prior to moving.