Trading Hut

The Trading Hut is located on the allotment site next to the Cemetery , Vicarage Lane, Gt, Baddow

The “Hut” is housed in two 6 meter metal containers and offers a wide variety of gardening products including, multi purpose compost, natural & artificial fertilisers, canes, labels, pots, trays, lawn care products and premium bird feed.

It is staffed by volunteer members of the Society who are always willing to give advise on gardening problems.
open hours:-
Saturday  March – October 9.30am  – 11.30am
Saturday November – February 9.30am – 11am
Sunday    March – May – 11.30am  March to May

Enquires please contact

David Middleton
11 Copland Close
Great Baddow 01245 472945 or

Great Savings to be had. Click HERE to download the latest price list